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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are looking for college based Brand Ambassadors who will become the part of our college based community and will be responsible to spread the brand awareness in the college eco-system.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1.Download 50 Templates
2. Rate 50 templates as 5 Star and Rate 20 Items as 4.5 Star
3. Social sharing on Fb - 1 Template Daily for a week
4. Write in Fb Student groups and introduce them to these templates
5. Write to the entire batch about Introducing Discover Template
6. Social sharing on Pinterest - 5 Pins Daily for a Week
7. Social Sharing on Insta - 5 Per day for a Week
8. Social Sharing on Twitter - Retweet Daily Posts
9. Invite 50 Friends in your college circle, friends & family network using Web Invite feature
10. Get 100 Subscribers in your network, ask them to subscribe the platform. DO NOT ADD THEIR MAIL IDs
11. Answer 10 quora questions concerning about Free Templates, Presentation Resources and the responses have to be qualitative and not copy and paste
12. Follow Discover template Page on Fb, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin & Pintrest
13. Whatsapp Broadcasting to 100 Users/Connections
14. Write a Linkedin Post mentioning discovertemplate.com & how it has been useful to you
16. Make a Youtube Video on discovertemplate.com. Get the Idea Pre-Approved before making it
17. Identify 10 Ideas on how we can spread discovertemplate to masses - Organic
18. Write and Publish a blog on Linkedin Pulse covering some of items of Discover Template
19. Share an email marking us to all of your students in college and batch


1. Paid Internship
2. Certificate
3. Blog Mention
4. Contributor Listing
5. LoR
6. Linkedin Recommendation
7. Goodies

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 31st Jul `20


Rs. 5000-5000

About Company

Discover Template is an online portal aimed at empowering the change makers in the world. 

We are driven by a strong purpose which says: 

"Everyone on our Planet deserves to make a change in this world. Innovators & Rainmakers are not bound by age, geography, society, caste or colour. Neither they should be bound by the resources. We do our bit to empower the Change makers and engage the world. Because we believe 'You can't change the world unless you engage the world.'- 

To engage the world, we provide free presentation resources including Templates, Icons, GIFs and infographics which presenters globally can use to influence & engage their audience. 

Our platform is helping students, teachers, entrepreneurs, micro organisations, design professionals, social organisations, freelancers, web content creators and influencers.

Discover template is purely a not-for-profit initiative which is driven by contributor eco-system who can support the creation of templates.


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