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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are looking for a dynamic, driven Executive Assistant (EA) who can work with little direction to co-create our firm through its communication (internal & external), knowledge infrastructure, client relationship databases, accounting, recruitment, policies, etc. EAs is the foundation of this practice and acts as a “go to” for all firm-related matters and is expected to grow throughout her career, building and improving her skills to match the evolving needs of the firm and our clients. We won't define a career path for you – some of the EAs that we have worked with, have gone on to have long and successful careers as Senior Executive Assistants; others have gone into work in one of the many consulting areas; some have managed teams or rotated through a number of other functions. Your career will be at the intersection of your skills and desires and the needs of our business; it will only be limited by your investment.


• Bachelor's degree, strongly preferred
• Demonstrated leadership and/or customer service experience
• Minimum of 3 years experience in a fast-paced environment (really fast paced!) supporting senior executives, strongly preferred


There are a few key things we look for – do you have what it takes to step into these shoes?

• High customer service orientation – highly responsive, strong interpersonal and communication skills, wants to deliver great results at all times
• Committed to improving the status quo – we respect and hire people who are willing to ask questions, people who will say what's on their minds and are willing to make a suggestion, even if it is turned down
• Sweats the small stuff – strong attention to detail and accuracy, particularly when under pressure
• Dedicated to the work we do – committed to making our consultants and our clients successful
• Proactive – looking ahead at what needs to be done on all dimensions; creates own to do list
• Organized – excellent at time and project management, has clear systems and composure to deal with multiple tasks at once and ensures everything gets done in a timely manner
• Relationship-oriented – extremely people focused with a certain 'joie de vivre' and the ability to develop effective working relationships with the consulting Team and clients
• Good judgment – highly professional and diplomatic (dealing with consultants who can be very demanding at times can be a challenge, but a challenge you're up to), knows when to ask for help or advice; is perceptive and practical
• Trustworthy – discreet (you will be privy to confidential information)
• Flexible – must be able to perform successfully in a fast-paced environment; doesn't get frustrated by priorities changing; open to feedback
• Team player – proactively seeks opportunities to help others, will go above and beyond in order to get the job done
• Strong intellectual curiosity – a creative thinker, interested in the big picture
• Self-motivated – a "can-do" attitude with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to take on an increasing level of responsibility

As you grow in the role we expect that you will:

• Be increasingly proactive
• Demonstrate a high level of ownership of tasks and sound business judgment
• Be seen as a key contributor to the client’s transformation process
• Assist with all the behind-the-scenes magic while providing creative solutions, driving our high-level customer service, and positively impacting our client work

Roles and Responsibilities:


• Firm Positioning: Co-develop firm branding and communication material across the various digital platforms including services portfolio, methodology, case studies, surveys/tests/questionnaires, tools & templates, etc. along with support from the team
• Knowledge Management: Analyse and structure knowledge amassed in various forms in a manner that it is readily available for use in client assignments - creating templates, library catalogs, reports, research material, etc.
• Client Network Development: Track and capture the various contacts that our team makes, categorize them and then create opportunities to stay connected through anniversary/birthday & seasonal greetings, sharing news/articles or thought leadership material, get-togethers, etc.
• New Pitch Process: Support the team in researching and developing a point of view on a sector/industry/player or a topical issue that affects the identified potential clients. Develop presentations and pitch desks in co-ordination with the design team, if required.
• Accompany Partner/Senior team members for key client meetings and take notes for later circulation of minutes.
• Support social & philanthropic efforts by the firm in building a strong reputation in the community
• Account and track firm investments/expenses for submission to the CA for annual filings
• Provide executive support for Partners and other senior executives in a fast-paced and changing client service environment:
o Organize and schedule client and internal meetings and events with an understanding of business priorities – proactively manage extremely complex calendars
o Anticipate and coordinate point-to-point travel needs as necessary including booking all travel and hotels, directions, commuting time and ground transportation
o Process timesheets and expenses on a timely basis
o Prepare proposals, letters, slide decks, client invoices, etc.
o Proactively support business development efforts
o Assist with preparation of case team materials and basic PowerPoint/Excel tasks – prepare slides, proposals, and other documents, including proofreading, editing, copying, and binding when requires
o Draft and archive correspondence
o Conduct research and gather information from public sources across multiple industries; synthesize and package results
o Provide backup support to other executives on a regular basis
o Maintain high levels of confidentiality
• Act as thought partner and trusted advisor to Partner
• Make sure they know what they need to know
• Guide them toward making right decisions about use of time
• Loop in all relevant parties when needed
• Build effective working relationships with key stakeholders:
o Firm executives – understand preferences relating to travel, calendar, etc.
o Clients and their assistants – facilitate the scheduling process and relevant communications
• Perform other duties as assigned or required; responsibilities will vary



No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 2nd Jun `18


Rs. 15000-25000

About Company

We are Orenda Advisory, a boutique business consulting firm, 5 years young, conducting business transformation for clients across industry & sectors. Led by Biren Parekh, a senior advisory professional, having more than 30 years of consulting experience with Indian and Multinational organizations across India, Europe, US and other Asian, African and Middle East countries. His work has been with industry leaders across various sectors like infrastructure, real estate, media and entertainment, pharmaceutical and life sciences, telecom, IT, industrial products, FMCG, etc. Up until Dec'12, Biren was a senior partner at Ernst Young, a global leader in accounting and consulting and prior to that at Andersen. Since 2013, he has started this boutique consulting organization, working with some select clients, transforming their businesses. We work with decision makers and their organisations, as a coach, driving the various core functions of sales, marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, etc. towards their goals - which range from growing business volume or profits, tapping new customer segments, newer markets and geographies, launching newer products and services. Each engagement has the following essential elements: it is core/critical to the client’s business or its future; it has a target/goal that is almost impossible either in size or timeline or quality or a combination thereof, given the present situation/way of working; and it impacts the community/society/world at large and makes lives better in some form or the other.

While, we have implemented several path-breaking, industry defining work in the past, we are even more excited about our future, where we intend to leverage the vast experience and knowledge amassed along with the training in ontology, to deliver breakthrough results and mentor clients to achieve a future that they want and that which would make a difference to the world at large.

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