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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are seeking a finance professional who will help us increase our client presence and engagement. Their fundamental concepts of finance should be sound as they will be required to perform analytics on client portfolios and create content (educational notes & videos) to increase engagement with clients. They are required to be well versed with current business affairs and should be able to summarize, interpret, and communicate the same. Another part of the internship will be to work on business development which will include cold calls, generating leads, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Content Creation (notes and videos) to increase client engagement
2. Analytics on existing portfolios
3. Business Development


1. Negotiable Commission on onboarded clients
2. Manage your own clients with designated partner (a full wealth management experience)
3. Possible full time job in the future

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 31st Aug `19


Rs. 8000-15000

About Company

BlueFort Financial is a wealth management outfit that caters to the High Net Worth Individual (HNI) community in India and elsewhere to help them achieve their financial goals. We focus on investor education, creation of wealth and protection of the same.  

We understand that our clients, who have achieved great success, have worked hard and sacrificed much to get where they are. We also understand that choosing an advisor to manage a lifetime’s wealth is no easy decision and the responsibility that comes with it.

We recognize that our profession requires a paradoxical combination of logic, knowledge instinct, and trust. In the increasingly complex financial environment, it is our firm belief that wealth managers must shift focus from enticing clients with products only, to embracing a more holistic approach. At BlueFort, we understand that each family has different objectives and constraints which must be documented, catered to, and monitored continuously.

Our guiding principle for those who manage clients at BlueFort is “every client interaction must be with an aim to patiently exchange knowledge and provide relevant data in light of their objectives and constraints, not to sell a product.” 

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