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Internship Details

About Internship:

In the Derivatives Analytics Summer Project aspirants have to do an exhaustive study of derivatives parameters from the derivative data of the given securities.
Gather observations and inferences from the data which will lead to deciphering profitable trade objectives and there will be periodic submission.
The Money Roller’s objective: At the end the project our collaborative efforts will lead to profitable trading strategies in the markets.
Students objective: To get in-depth knowledge of derivatives and their functioning and an insight into building derivative trading strategies, they can publish their work as a report to submit to their institutes!

You can know about the Scholarship details on our website.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. To analyze historical FnO data and in turn understand the crowd sentiment behind each and every data parameter
2. To identify patterns in derivatives data during various price trend of the underlying.
3. To Understanding options, option pricing, and undervalued or overvalued options.
4. Along with the mentor develop a Strategy based on the historical study.
5. Understand live market and projecting future trend.


1. Project will cultivate students who can hit the industry in derivatives related roles in various domains such as
Risk Management
Treasury Management
Fund Management
Equity, Currency, Commodity, Interest Rate Futures related Prop trading Desks
Investment Banking
2. Optimum blend of theory and practice which would give students an edge over their peers who are exposed only to bookish knowledge.
3. Students would gain hands-on experience by tracking the markets. Post-session guidance will be provided.
4. You will be able to compare which stocks among several stocks is likely to rise faster than the rest!
5. Market enthusiast can use this knowledge for personal trading.

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 31st May `18


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About Company

The Money Roller was established with an aim to redefine the research culture in India. In TMR we believe in creating our own genuine research.

Our expertise lies in analyzing the Equity (Cash & FNO), Currencies, Cross Currencies and Commodity Markets and combining these with Inter-market Analysis.

We at TMR train upcoming budding analyst and get these young and fresh minds to do Indigenous research for our research requirement.

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