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Internship Details

Job Description

1- Execute the intern recruitment strategy of sciensation.tv

2- Audit reports of sciensation interns

3- Help sciensation.tv in executing strategies to scout and attract talent-pool. 

Sciensation is the only organization working on Philosophy of Language/Mathematics, to improve the problem solving skills and critical thinking capabilities of school students. Sciensation interns shall be a part of various Socratic Dialogues on diverse topics.

Sciensation hopes to have more passionate undergraduate/postgraduate students join in as interns, go through the modules and get connected to exciting companies which look for problem-solver, rather than large corporates. The human resource interns shall be a part of the time which will scout for such talent.

There is a demand supply mismatch in the recruitment market as most large corporates have lowered the bar for higher education. Unlike IIIT, IITs, most college's agenda is influenced by the recruiters who do not currently require many problem solvers. However, we do have companies, especially product companies, which look for problem solvers and they offer better growth prospects. These students can be connected to such companies after a 6-12 month programme which focusses on problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Sciensation is also organizing a conference on "improving problem solving skills amongst undergraduate/postgraduate students". The HR interns would be involved in executing the conference which involves several companies which are currently on the lookout for problem-solvers.

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 31st Dec `17


Rs. 2000-4000

About Company

Sciensation is an IISER alumni venture which brings the best academic practices from universities like MIT / Harvard / IISERs to Indian schools. Sciensation is probably the only education organization to introduce kids to Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mathematics and Philosophy of Language, at school level. This has enabled Sciensation to get 4th graders to develop Design Thinking projects, 6th graders to do a skit on Differential Calculus and in getting 7th graders to take on college students, in a competition on Eric Ries Lean Startup (to reduce product dev cycle).

TEDx talk of Mr Tarun, Founder, sciensation.tv

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