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Internship Details

About Internship:

Congratulations on reaching this far! This opportunity provides a deep insight into the event and vendor management industry. Both onsite and offsite training on the job will help with building critical thinking, decision making, crisis and time management. So, if you are looking to learn while you earn, keep reading.

Roles and Responsibilities:

-> Recruitment Chief - Driving Strategic workforce planning, Identify rich recruitment sources, Interviews, Training and Induction, Develop Top Talents

-> King of Relationships - Staff expectation setting, Designing engagement activities, Address grievances, Feedback, Rewards and Recognition

-> Play a Cupid - Point of Contact between The Show and The Client

-> Project Dynamo - Internal Communication - Build direct communication channels for quick information flow. Design Campaigns and manage social media platforms

-> TroubleShooter - Strategic approach to problem-solving during operations

-> Catalyst - Ability to work across all verticals of the company


¥ Work Certificate
¥ Letter of recommendation (if required)
¥ Work with a super talented and driven team
¥ Here you get to work with clients from various industries every day!
¥ Culture. People come join us for the work & stay for the culture!
¥ Walk into a stocked kitchen with snacks, beverages and butler service right to your seat

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 25th Apr `18


Expenses Covered

About Company

Industry :- Event Management

Our journey began in 2010 with a belief in the power of ideas and the magic of celebrating them. Today we’ve evolved into a company of unique concepts and solutions that take the event experience to a whole new level. Based in Hyderabad, our team’s expertise expands across Events, Manpower and Transfers. We don’t shy away from a challenge, and we never say no to a cup of tea!

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