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Internship Details

About Internship:

As a counselor, you'll need to establish a relationship of trust and respect with clients agree a counselling contract to determine what will be covered in sessions (including confidentiality issues) encourage clients to talk about issues.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1.Meeting with clients
2.Discussing your clients’ desired goals and outcomes.
3.Providing relevant information or resources specific to the client’s needs.
4.Assisting clients to set goals and adopt strategies to address their issues.


1. Extra Bonus (Depends on sales target)
2. Internship Certificate

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 20th Sep `18


Rs. 7000-15000

About Company

BIMNCAD, a technical training centre is intercepted for bridging the growing gap between young dynamic professionals and the rapid changing technologies in the industry. 

Standing still is no longer an option in the current world scenario. Individuals and businesses have to move forward to maintain their competitive advantage. With the rapid changes in technologies, do you have the right skills now and for the future. 

Understanding this will help identify any skills gaps and addressing them today will help you secure your future. 

Since BIMNCAD inception, we have trained over 1000+ people; helping students, professionals and individuals to maximize their potential and the unemployed get back to work. Businesses have gained increased efficiency and productivity ensuring their competitive advantage is maintained.

Our Vision

 We are recognized as leader in training technology and customized solutions for enhanced organizational performance among our prestigious clients.

Our core teaching skills and necessary industry experience ensures that each individual(s) potential is reached in all disciplines.

Friendliness and high motivation leads our quality aspect.


• Certified professionals from industry with core teaching skills

• Delivered over 3000+ hours intensified training’s

• 10+ training modules

• Post training support

• Quality accredited for the delivery and development of training courses

• Best-in-class training across the entire portfolio from Basic to Advanced to Customized.

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