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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are looking for a passionate digital marketing intern with experience or even without much experience even in the marketing field. We are ready to train the intern if he/she is less experienced but wants to grow in the field. The main tasks in the internship would include analyzing the market and collection of data of potential clients, approaching startups, coordinating communication between the company and the clients, and creating survey forms, collecting client feedback. The interns would be closely working with the co-founders of the company and would get a healthy exposure to the market and the world.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Leads generations from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.
2. Outbound Calls and Communications with the clients.
3. Generation of client database and Client research-based work.
4. Handling social media pages to reach targeted audiences.
5. Content Marketing initiatives to reach business targets.
6. Analyse traffic matrix across social media platforms.
7. Share content through various channels and ensure a strong web presence.
8. Idea generations to increase customer engagements.
9. Collecting data through the generation of survey forms and customer feedback.


1. Having relevant skills and basic experience to carry out marketing.
2. Well versed with the various features of social media platforms.
3. Can dedicate at least 3 hours every day to the internship activities.
4. Basic knowledge of Microsoft office word and excel and google docs & sheets.
5. Having active personal social media accounts.
6. Minimum two-month internship.
7. It will be a paid internship with standard industry rates.
8. Incentives may or may not be in the form of cash.
9. Performance-based Internship Extension.
10. The candidate has to be an active, dedicated, hardworking, team player, having a work-oriented mindset as well as a passion to keep hustling and growing.
11. One-two casual meets with the entire Diagonal Pixel Media team for recreational and work purposes.
12. Chance to attend online meets with clients along with the co-founders of Diagonal Pixel to gain professional communication skills.
13. Perks also include industry level experience and exposure and meaningful insights from the co-founders of the company.
14. Tips and tricks on becoming a social media influencer for social media marketing yourself.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 22nd Nov `20


Rs. 1000-1000

About Company

A digital agency that focuses on growing businesses, but digitally. We provide all-round services like Digital Graphic Design, Digital Marketing over the range of social media platforms, help them create best in class websites. And that's not it, we give them the most competitive rates possible in the market.

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