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Internship Details

About Internship:

Job Purpose:
Combines marketing and social media management skills to architect and enhance our client's company's social media presence, including interacting with customers, promoting brand-focused interactive and engaging content, and expanding opportunities for revenue. Works with client's social media team members to create innovative social media campaigns.

Skills and Qualifications
Six months to two Years of Experience with Social Media Management, Marketing Experience, Content Creation, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Web Design and Strategy, Data Collection and Analysis, Technology Skills, Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills, Attention to Detail, Self-Motivated, Creative Problem-Solving Skills, Experience with Major Social Media Platforms

Tools we would like you to use:
Photo Shop | CorelDraw | Adobe Illustrator |Premiere Pro | After Effects

Roles and Responsibilities:

Job Duties:
• Creates marketing and social media campaigns and strategies, including budget planning, content ideation, and implementation schedules
• Ensures clients brand consistency in marketing and social media messages by working with various company department members, including advertising, product development, and brand management
• Provides training and guidance to clients social media and marketing team members on social media implementation best practices and strategies
• Collects customer data and analyses interactions and visits, plus uses this information to create comprehensive reports and improve future marketing strategies and campaigns
• Reports progress to senior marketing management
• Grows and expands client's company social media presence into new social media platforms, plus increases presence on existing platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram
• Researches and monitors activity of company competitors
• Creates and distributes engaging written or graphic content in the form of e-newsletters, web page and blog content, or social media messages


1. Great Experienced Management
2. Internship Certificate
3. Job Availability if willing to continue.
4. We work With Many Social Media & E-Commerce Consultants from around the industry !! OPPORTUNITIES !!

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 30th Sep `20


Rs. 3000-10000

About Company

Digital Marketing | Content Creation | Social Media Management | Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | Social Media Optimisation (SMO) | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) | Business Administration

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