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Internship Details

About Internship:

The goal of this program is to create awareness about PlayZo.

PlayZo is a web and mobile enabled fantasy sports platform and we currently offer paid and free service for Cricket in India. Fantasy Sports, part of the skill based gaming industry, are re-engineered Super Selectors where users choose a team of their favorite sports players of a particular sport. The real time performance of these players is translated into points. The team with maximum points wins and is rewarded in CASH or KIND.

We are actively looking for a campus ambassador who will be the face of PlayZo in colleges within 50 kms of radius from his base location. This is centered around creating brand awareness about PlayZo using various offline and online mediums at low/no costs.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Customer Acquisition
Improving the brand outreach and footprint
Answering user queries on the platform
Organize mass registration drives on the platform in colleges


1. Certificate of appreciation
2. Recommendation letter

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 18th Mar `18


Rs. 1000-5000

About Company

"PlayZo" is a premium daily fantasy sports platform running multiple free and paid contests across different sports. We are trying to build engagement among sports fans by providing them a fun way to be part of the actual games. 

Fantasy sports are online game where participants assemble imaginary teams using real players of different professional sports team. The real -world performance of the players on this team is translated into points. Points are assigned to certain actions - a fielder catch is 2 points, or a forward assist is 4 points. At the end of all the games you add up all of the players’ points, and whichever team has the highest score, wins.

Users pay an upfront fees and we charge our commissions on the pool collected. 

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