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About Internship:

One should own a account on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

Work :
They need to use these 3 platforms to create awareness about Aashman, make it's voice reach to masses using social media

Roles and Responsibilities:

Work :
They need to use these 3 platforms to create awarness about aashman, make it's voice reach to masses using social media



No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 19th May `21


Rs. 0

About Company

We are Aashman Foundation a joint efforts from a group of human towards Humanity with mission that every weak human must have support so that he or she must recover from hard time with positive energy and in skilled way. Team Aashman is working wholeheartedly towards empowering women from society so that they can live with pride and respect and most important EMPOWERED with some skill and capacity to portray her thoughts to world and contribute in her way. Another big concern area of focus is Health Empowerment for Team Aashman as unfortunate human falls in with critical diseases like Cancer & Kidney related problem which is quite high these days and the Major gigantic black hole is Malnutrition in 0 to 6 years along with pregnant females in the different segment of society.


1.With the help of common man, Corporates & Established Institutions we will create values; enhance skillful environment & Uplift social & Financial level into the different segment of society & Bring change into the lives of people with the Emotional, Financial & Social development Support so that they can feel and be Empowered.  

2.Human life is the most valuable asset of any Nation. We will go extra mile to help the underprivileged human being to support them into the Health segment and prevent them from the evil of malnutrition into children (0-6 Year), pregnant females & surviving income less family members after dismissal of only earning hand. 

3.Furthermore we will try to increase the expectancy of life for the people who are suffering from unfortunate diseases like Cancer & Kidney related Issues. 


The dream of AASHMAN Foundation is to work unconditionally on Women Empowerment, Single Income families and underprivileged children through relevant healthcare, innovative education and environmental based livelihood programs.


Truth ,Trust & Transparency.

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