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Internship Details

About Internship:

A Sales Associate is responsible for all sales activities and sales associate job duties, from greeting customers, answering questions, offering assistance, suggesting the right product and providing product information. Individual responsibilities as a Sales Associate may include demonstrating outstanding customer service along with the motivation and temerity to achieve the sales targets.

Roles and Responsibilities:

• A confident individual who is comfortable communicating to a diverse customer base
• Basic understanding of sales principles and customer service practices
• Proficient in verbal and written English
• Knowledge of customer as well as market dynamics and requirements
• Solid communication and interpersonal skills
• Ability to read, write and effectively communicate with customers, peers, and management
• Telephone etiquette
• Ability to multi-task, while being attentive to the primary responsibilities and remaining flexible to the needs of the business
• Ability to work as part of a team and take initiative independent of direct supervision

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 30th Jun `18


Rs. 7500-8000

About Company

FirstU is a consumer Internet company that is changing how Indian vehicle owners take care of their vehicles. We at FirstU believe that a vehicle owner still takes care of his vehicle like how it used to be for ages and this has to be changed by providing him affordability and convenience. FirstU will cover all vehicle needs right from its periodic maintenance to accident covers, all under one single subscription.

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