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Internship Details

Startup Manager is a Leadership Role for College students for coordinating and promoting "Entrepreneur Vision" & "College to Corporate" on campus.

This program an Initiative by International Centre for Culture & Education to provide opportunities to Indian Citizens by developing their Entrepreneur skills and providing a platform to become successful entrepreneurs and the best way to get a head start into a great career & earn an edge over the peers to make the transition from College to the Corporate world a smooth and easy one. 

The job description of the Startup Manger is as follows:

1. Promote Entrepreneur Vision & College to Corporate on Campus

2. Coordinate with participants for online test

3. Collect fees and deposit to ICCE

4. Be part of the workshop/event

5. Assist participants to submit Business plans & Activity

6. Distribution of Certificates.


* Certiifcate


* Incentives

* Free Course

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 27th Feb `17


Rs. 2250-5000

About Company

International Centre for Culture & Education (ICCE) is a well known online Educational Pursuit that aims to develop Programs for Individual Transformation & create a Social Impact.

ICCE focuses on leaving a positive impact on the society by introducing Programs on Climate Change, Skill Development & Ancient Knowledge.

At ICCE, we provide premium quality of course content along with certification on diverse topics of Entrepreneurial skills, Environment and Arts. We provide a distinct blend of holistic content, nominal fees and superior quality of resources that help you gain mastery over the different components of cultural and society.

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