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Internship Details

About Internship:

What is The Campus Hustler Program?

Campus hustler program is a group of passionate students who want to make an impact in the community by helping each other through learning and connecting.
Skillenza Hustlers program is a platform for students who are passionate about tech and are ready to start and run an active technical community in their college. A Skillenza Hustler is a leader with a keen interest in starting and building a community.

What you have to do?

- Help students in the community by conducting knowledge sessions, taking workshops, & conducting events.
- Be a face of Skillenza at your campus and connect us with your faculty
- Be a part of Skillenza Hustlers Community with a mindset of helping others and growing yourself
- Help by sharing opportunities for students.
- Make an impact on society.

Learning opportunities
You will be able to develop a strong personality.
Build a strong social network.
You will improve your technical as well as non-technical skills.
Guidance from our mentors
Knowledge sessions for Hustlers and their community members only (exclusive)
Opportunity to volunteer to our events
Event support for their events
They will be getting interpersonal, marketing and other skills which will be very helpful in their carrier & chances to practically implement their skills

Who can apply

Any Undergraduate student at a college or university
Commit to program for one year
Passionate about creating an impact in the community
Strong technical understanding of computer programming and/or software engineering
Have experience with event planning or leading a team
Have some connection to the local developer community

Roles and Responsibilities:

Roles and Responsibilities

- Brand Building - Generate awareness about Skillenza
- Influence other coding clubs to create communities and use the Skillenza platform for all coding activities.
- Churning innovative ideas on how Skillenza can associate with your university.
- Help us with our campus activities
- Organize events like hackathons/meetups/webinars/seminars on Skillenza
- Host Events & Build projects
- Connect us to Placement Cell of your college


Rewards and incentives
? Rewards, swags and Certificates ????
? Internship / Job opportunities ????
? A certificate of internship to level up your Resume ????
? Certificate of excellence from CEO ????
? Building up networking Skills ????
? LinkedIn recommendations and lot more !! ??

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 15th Jun `21


Rs. 0

About Company

We help working professionals and students identify gaps in their current skill levels and market requirements through scientific assessments using our proprietary assessment engine, and recommend customized learning paths for each individual. These learning paths enable our users to be ready for the right opportunity at the right company, be it a full time job, internship or part-time gig.

Skillenza connects working professionals and students likewise with Top companies in India, South-East Asia, UAE and Japan, and the United States of America.

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