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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are looking for developers with strong mobile development skillset, who host the complete ability to build, overhaul or maintain applications/ software programs and tools for any given problem statement. We are inclined towards aspirants who have been passionate enough to build their own sandbox applications/ programs already and are looking for a professional platform to test their skillset.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Support product lifecycle (concept, design, test, release, and support)
2. Produce fully functional mobile applications with clean code
3. Support the product with unit and UI tests for bug testing
4. Troubleshoot and debug to optimize performance
5. Design interfaces to improve the user experience
6. Provide pro-active insights for the think tank room
7. Ensure new and legacy applications meet quality standards
8. Research and suggest new mobile products, applications and protocols


1. Internship certificate
2. Pre placement offer (PPO)
3. Flexible work hours
4. 5 days a week
5. Informal dress code
6. Letter of recommendation

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 14th Jun `18


Rs. 20000-20000

About Company

Montaigne Smart Business Solutions (MSBS) is a Startup India recognized, Hyderabad-based tech startup, that offers smart solutions to eliminate bottlenecks during any stage of business growth. MSBS envisions to help businesses monetize their dossiers with its simplistic analytical solutions. With their proprietary techniques, MSBS helps their clients connect with customers effectively.

MSBS bridges people with the product. The company also functions as a management consultant, helping clients clear their managerial bottlenecks using Lean techniques. With our proprietary analytical models, an affiliate market research network, and strong data science expertise, we are here to help build, organize, and maintain business data management & retrieval systems. At Montaigne, a dedicated expert team keeps a constant watch on the consumption patterns, allowing precision targeting for product/service promotion needs.

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