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Internship Details

About Internship:


1. Familiarity with libraries like retrofit, volley, rxjava, butterknife, picasso etc.
2. Json parsing
3. Experience with Material Design and ability to design great looking UI following Material Design principles.
4. Experience with Android Services, Notifications
5. Experience of designing of complex UI and Custom Views and implementation of UI programmatically using java.
6. Experience with MVP/MVVM and other Android architectures will be considered an advantage over others.
7. Experience with Android apps testing, Unit Tests, Instrumentation Testing, UI Testing and dependency injection frameworks would be considered an advantage.
6. Must have strong portfolio with at least 1 published app on Google Play.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Develop and manage modules for our android app, Dcoder.
2. Design UI for the app
3. Work in team with the backend developers to integrate the apis.


1. Certificate of Internship
2. Informal Dress code
3. Flexible working hours

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 26th May `18


Rs. 2000-7000

About Company

Dcoder is a mobile coding Platform where one can code and learn algorithms. We are game changers for Mobile Coding experience.

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