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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are hiring passionate young individuals who care about changing India's education system.

To qualify for this, one needs to be good in communication, and be okay with travel.

The role requires the person to tie up with and manage relationships with schools, academic leaders and principals on one side. And on the other nurture young leaders of tomorrow, turn them into confident problem solvers.

Interested aspirants can join as full-time interns (minimum 1 month), and continue as part-time volunteers thereafter.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Identify Schools and build UoC network of schools. (Marketing and Partnerships)
2. Conduct 'Young Leaders Program'. (Teaching and Mentor-ship)
3. Conduct teacher's training programs.


1. Certificates for all, Letter of Recommendation for deserving interns.
2. Work in a corporate environment, with a multinational brand.
3. Learn Design Thinking and practice U-Lab process with UoC mentors.
4. Build relationships with school children for a life-time.
5. A great team to work with and learn from.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 1st Jun `18


Rs. 1000-10000

About Company

Mindtree Limited is an multinational information technology and outsourcing company headquartered in Bengaluru, India and New Jersey, USA. Founded in 1999, the company employs 17,500+ employees with annual revenue of $840+ million.

The company deals in e-commerce, mobile applications, cloud computing, digital transformation, data analytics, EAI and ERP, with 43 offices in over 17 countries. Its largest operations are in India and major markets are United States and Europe. 

Learn more about Mindtree Ltd. at https://www.mindtree.com 

At Mindtree.org, we care for the community we live in.  It is an essential part of the people-centric culture that we embrace across the organization. With a systematic approach, we aim to make a deep and lasting impact on marginalized grassroots entrepreneurs who are foundation of nation’s economy, education for low-income schools, employment of youth, and creating a better world by engaging young people in addressing persistent social problems.

Mindtree.org develops digital technology and professional services accessible to India’s informal sector. We work with government agencies, social businesses, donors, impact investors and citizen groups to co-create inclusive eco-systems. Our open access digital platform offers a host of domain solutions for all eco-system stakeholders. These solutions come together to create integrated and scalable socio-economic transformations. 

- I Got Garbage is creating scalable waste eco-systems through collaboration with Municipal bodies, Social Enterprises, Citizen Communities and waste-pickers as independent entrepreneurs. 

- I Got Crops is making impactful interventions for thousands of marginal farmers and artisanal communities through capacity building, access to information, and transparent market linkages.

- I Got Knowledge is improving student learning through gap-strength-interest based learning plans, micro-learning interventions, principal leadership and teacher capacity development. 

- I Got Skills is transforming the semi-skilled labour marketplace by emphasizing the concept of expertise of skills, building career paths for labour, and creating opportunities for them to set up independent micro-businesses.

Collectively over a million farmers, artisans, waste-pickers, job seekers, students, volunteers have benefited from the platform. Learn more about above initiatives at https://www.mindtree.org 

University of Commons, Mindtree's latest initiative, is building capacity by a network of labs and enabling projects, programs, and initiatives that encourage and empower young leaders to address persistent social problems. 

UoC engages young people and empowers them to address persistent social problems. University brings together doers, philosophers, thinkers who collectively re-design new-age learning ecosystem via experiential programs. Commons is everything that needs to be preserved, enriched. The community you are a part of, your relationships, humans and their rights, care for elders and knowledge of forests, rivers and public spaces.

Learn more at https://www.universityofcommons.com 

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