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Internship Details

About Internship:

The Education Reformist Fellow is responsible for helping DeepThought Schools in getting research based learning culture within their campus.

We hire and train youngsters to be Teacher Coaches, so the education eco-system can understand what Young India is looking for. Sciensation is a Youth Empowerment programme which produces thought leaders out of students. We hire young Fellows with the "fire in the belly", who can UnLearn and ReLearn, to see the next level of learning, with the help of Analytical Philosophy.


Why take up the fellowship
1- Previous fellows have made it to worldclass universities/companies like KPMG/PwC/ISB/INSEAD.
2- You learn to learn, with Philosophy, so you can read/complete courses at a rapid pace. This learning revolution has helped 4th graders in taking on university level topics.
3- Be a part of a revolution which aims at democratizing Harvard/MIT/IISER quality education to everyone, at school level- university level quality at school level.
4- Get mentor support and guidance through Sciensation network of researchers and industry professionals.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1- Teaching by questioning sessions for school students, to improve their creative and critical thinking.
2- Mentoring sessions with teachers, to help them in understanding student aspirations.
3- Observe teachers' classes and give them feedback.
4- Organize Socratic Dialogue programmes as per DeepThought School guidelines, to improve thinking of students, teachers and parents.
5- Develop daily and weekly reports describing the progress.


1. DeepThought Certification by Sciensation.tv
2. Experience Letter describing the reformative transformation achieved by the Fellow

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 21st Oct `19


Rs. 12000-15000

About Company

Sciensation is an IISER alumni venture which brings the best academic practices from universities like MIT / Harvard / IISERs to Indian schools. Sciensation is probably the only education organization to introduce kids to Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mathematics and Philosophy of Language, at school level. This has enabled Sciensation to get 4th graders to develop Design Thinking projects, 6th graders to do a skit on Differential Calculus and in getting 7th graders to take on college students, in a competition on Eric Ries Lean Startup (to reduce product dev cycle).

TEDx talk of Mr Tarun, Founder, sciensation.tv

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