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Internship Details

About Internship:

Being proficient in your respective skills, you can also contribute here on this technical podium. Geek Glacier is giving an open opportunity to you all to share your knowledge here, irrespective of any technical topic. It could be Java, .NET, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, Oracle, Agile, or any other technology. Our designated team will do some checks on your writing piece. If the article meets our basic criteria of the evaluation process, we will gladly publish it here. The evaluation process is explained later on the same page.

You can read the articles, and also can be a part of this Glacier by coming up with your self-written blogs, articles, or tutorials. Any topic related to technology can find a room here! It is a perfect place to show and share your technical excellence along with your name in the credits.

Criteria to get your Brainy Blogs published here:

Should have a healthy knowledge of the topic you are planning to cover.
Good command over the English language as it’s a common language for everyone to understand easily.
A rich article in terms of content.
Only articles with the latest and correct information will be accepted.
Content should be original, and thus should be plagiarism-free.
Should follow the format which is pre-defined by us.
As soon as you will submit your article to us, our specialized Editing team will pick that up. We are giving the liberty to you to sit virtually with the editor if you want to be a part of the discussion thread. This way, you both can collaborate your ideas and prepare a fine and flawless article.

Do join us in the journey of tailoring the technical articles as a reader or a writer for Geek Glacier!

Roles and Responsibilities:

This program allows you to publish one of your articles under the technical article submission. We’re always looking for opportunities to team up with talented people in the software development world, people who are willing to contribute unique, useful, creative, and exciting articles to the community. So, if you would like to become a guest writer for us, this program is right for you!
As a New Author
As a new author, you should naturally already have experience with the technology you'd like to cover and focus on. You should also have a good command of the English language.
Finally – previous writing experience is, of course, a plus, but certainly not a requirement.
Getting Published
After a quick onboarding process, you're going to start working with one of our editors.
Simply put, the editor will help you get your articles over the finish line. They're going to do reviews, offer guidance with technical and language feedback, and generally be helpful.

Why should you write for us?
This program is not only about earning money and rewards but it is the platform for all the geeks to showcase and evaluate their skills. It will give you a lot of exposure & experience.
• You’ll reach a worldwide audience of targeted readers.
• You’ll build your reputation as an expert in the software development field.
• You’ll hone your writing skills.
• You’ll contribute to the community, leaving a legacy behind.

What you can publish?
We would love to publish articles in various categories including, but not limited to, programming languages (mainly the JVM based ones), mobile development, software design, software architecture, computing, blogging, open-source, mobile apps, technology start-ups, etc. We especially favor articles on “cutting edge” technologies like Android, NoSQL, Hadoop, Big Data, DevOps, AI, ML, and data science, etc.
Please follow the guidelines below when submitting an article:
• The article you provide has to be exclusively written for us. Only unique content is allowed. In case the content is found to be duplicated, it will be rejected.
• We may periodically perform uniqueness checks of all submitted articles.
• The article should be of at least 1000 words.
• The article has to be sent in MS Word format or similar (e.g. OpenOffice).
• If applicable, your article should include images such as diagrams, charts, graphs, etc. Images should be of the standard types (JPG, PNG, and GIF). The images should be embedded in your document.
• Please ensure copyright laws are followed on all images and content taken from the web. Always provide appropriate credits to the original site or the owner if necessary.
• Before writing an article, you are urged to sync through your manager also go through the site and check the topics discussed. Also, make sure that a similar article has not already been published.
• Upon article approval and posting, you are urged to reply to any visitor’s comments. This will provide more exposure and engagement for your article.
• Any comment or topic that is insulting, abusive, sexual, and offensive or breaks the law will not be tolerated.
• We retain the right to reject any article that does not comply with the aforementioned guidelines without further explanation.
Your submitted article should include the following:
• Title (Mandatory)
• Keywords (Optional)
• Content (Mandatory)
• References (Optional)
• About the author (Mandatory)
• An article must start with an overview, followed by an introduction and ends with the conclusion.
• In between introduction and conclusion you are free to add as many headings/sections and sub-heading/sub-sections.

Please note that currently you are not allowed to directly publish your article. All submitted articles are reviewed and moderated first before they are published.
Please allow us 2-3 working days for the review. You will be emailed by our staff or your manager if your articles get published or rejected.
Our editorial team will take a count of words and trunk or add some content before publishing. The final word count for which payment will be processed in either of the below, subject to whichever is less in the word count.

1. The total word count of the content submitted by you. (OR)
2. The total word count of the content published finally.


As a new author, you can work as a reviewer of the writer or both.
A writer and reviewer can write and post his/her article under below levels/rules.
1. Write an article and get paid for that article, If being paid, the article will not get published on your name.
2. Write an article without payout and submit it on your name.
3. Write 10 articles without a payout, and become eligible for minimal payout (All articles under this will be published by your name).
4. Write 10 articles on the minimum payout and become eligible for intermediate payout (All articles under this will be published by your name).
5. Write 10 more articles on Intermediate payout and become eligible for Maximum payout (All articles under this will be published by your name).
6. Write 10 articles under Maximum payout and become account manager/editor.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 19th Nov `20


Rs. 1000-20000

About Company

Geek Glacier has set up a platform for you all to amplify your technical knowledge. Our motive is to add as many useful technical articles as possible. This knowledge can prove useful at your workplace. Our website’s articles can even be used by you to grow your own business. And if your intention is your gather the knowledge to kick-start a career, you have surely appeared at the right place. Content on our website is suitable for all – beginners or the ones at advance levels. If you are looking for changing the domain even, you are at the right place. You can learn about the new and desired domain here.

“Technology is best when it brings people together.”

Matt Mullenweg has rightly phrased this quote. Geek Glacier’s motive is to absorb and follow this quote. We are bringing people of similar tastes in the technology world together. Our aim is to provide you all a variety of technical articles with unique and high-quality content. Our articles are reader-friendly and contain all the latest knowledge about the topic.

You can learn here and implement this knowledge at your workplace. If any doubts come your way, please feel free to raise the flag in the comment section. Our expert team will get back to you with the apt and satisfactory answers.

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